The happiest place on earth

People say that the happiest place on earth is Disney World. They lie. This has to be it. Welcome to Seattle, WA, ladies and gentlemen. I could live here.

After waiting in line at the border forEVER, we finally made it through and back into the states.

So long, Canada! It’s been fun. But I’m glad to have cell phone reception back!

We went from Vancouver to Seattle, and spent the day wandering around the downtown area. We first headed to Starbucks. “When in Rome…”

The original Starbucks is in Seattle at Pikes Place Market. This is where it all began almost 40 yrs ago.

The beauty of Starbucks: my favorite iced coffee doesn’t taste any different here than it does in South Bend, IN; Jackson, MS; or Chicago, IL.

We headed over across the street to Pikes Place. So fun.

Produce. Seafood. Flowers. So fresh and wonderful.

I’m moving. That’s the end of it. I’m done with the Midwest. Bring on Seattle! Lush, green parks. Temperate climate. Artsy culture.

We headed to a the Blarney Stone for dinner. It’s an Irish pub downtown that advertised happy hour specials. The food was so good!

I tried a local brew of a pale ale (approved!) and we had fish and chips, pesto pizza, and salmon cakes.

Lots of tasty, tasty food. My kind of place!

On the way out of the city, we saw the Space Needle, as any good tourist in Seattle must do…

Our friend Kelly, who we know from Falmouth, kindly put us up for the night. It was great to chat and get to know her a bit better! She has a super cool, urban garden behind her house. She and her roommate use the square foot method of planting. I’m going to give this a shot next spring!

Kelly told us that Seattle is a really artsy town, and the city is made up primarily of walking neighborhoods. Everyone is very eco-conscious. Artsy. You’ve got the ocean. The mountains. I love it. It’s beautiful. I could see myself living here one day…

Anyone have any job leads for me? 🙂

On our way to Portland!

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