Once upon a time in South Dakota

Last I left you, dear reader, I was in Roscoe Village, headed to Iowa. Well, we made it to Iowa Friday evening. Amendment: we made it Iowa Saturday morning. At 2 am. It was late. Early. Whatever.

We awoke after a few (too few) hours of sleep to a lovely breakfast of omelets, bacon, hashbrowns, and toast. Over breakfast, we pondered the places that we could arrive at in a day’s driving time. Bring on Mount Rushmore! None of us had ever been.

So, we hopped in the car and drove! Goodbye Iowa!

We stopped at a market for some vittles. These, right here, ladies and gentlemen, are the foods of the champions. And they are only 88 cents. Unheard of.

We made it to South Dakota. If you’ve never heard this, let  me be the first to tell you, South Dakota is the most boring state ever. No offense to any potential SD readers out there, but driving the width of your state was not the most interesting thing I’ve ever done with myself.

For 200 miles, we saw billboards for Wall, SD. The largest drug store in the world resides here. It was scary. Really.

So scary, I couldn’t make myself take pictures. You’ll just have to go see for yourself.

We left Wall and kept driving West. All the sudden, I looked down and saw this:

Not good! Thankfully, there was a gas station only 4 miles away. Let me tell you, in SD, that is not a likely occurrence. Crisis averted.

As we drove the last stretch toward Mount Rushmore, a storm moved in. What resulted was some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen.

At 930, we saw the lighting ceremony for these 4 lovely gentlemen. A great end to a great day!

Our next stop: The Tetons and Yellowstone

9 thoughts on “Once upon a time in South Dakota

  1. It’s the beauty of nothing. Miles upon miles of nothing. I moved from a big city to ND, it was culture shock at first but the nothingness has stolen my heart. You realize that you dont need a Taco Bell and a Walmart every five miles to survive and once you see a thunderstorm in the huge prairie sky or a sunset you realize how majestic the nothing really is.

    • This makes me feel the need to recant my SD bashing! It is true….never ever would a storm have been that awesome anywhere else. And the sunsets and sunrises…..incomparable.

      • Hehe its ok. When I first moved here I was like “why would anyone in their right mind want to live out here” and then I got over my naive thoughts and was able to open my eyes. Right now the sunflowers are in bloom up here and it is miles and miles of waving yellow sunflowers in the wind. I’ll take that over a shopping mall anyday!

  2. Rach, this is great…really enjoying your blog. Any chance you’re going to make it up to the Carey at all? (aug 21-27) How did your music camp thing go? Are you in charge for next year? maybeeeeee email me with an update!! 🙂

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