And so the adventure begins!

While I wait for Cara to get home from work, I’m schlepping around Roscoe Village. Chicago traffic was not kind to me on my way in, but now that I’m here, I remember why I love this city.

It’s full of walking neighborhoods! You can walk from home to get groceries, to go to church, to get a beer, to grab coffee, to see a show…the world is within walking distance of your doorstep! Assuming you choose your doorstep well 🙂

Trees, trees, trees! I hate nothing more than a concrete jungle. Kudos to cities who still value the color green!

Please, Santa?

Are you going too far to walk, but don’t want to brave the traffic and pay for parking? I don’t blame you. Like I said, Chicago (and northeastern IN) wasn’t kind to me in the traffic realm today. Bad, Chicago. Bad. I digress.

As a result of this conundrum (and for other environmental and health related reasons), so many people bike! It’s great. It would take me a minute to work up to their level of bravery, as they weave in and out of moving traffic. But I could get there. I could!

Time to go get Amy! Yay! Then we’re off Iowa-ward to stay at a friend from high school’s house. *thrilled*

Up next: Iowa and South Dakota

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