August: Freedom, Sweet Freedom

Here in MasterWorks world, August is vacation month. We get 3 weeks off to do with as we please! Think of it as a detox. This is going to be a super organic trip for me, in that I really don’t have a plan or an itinerary. I just know that I have to be back in Indiana by August 23 at 10 am. That’s a good chunk of time, and I intend to make the most of it.

Tomorrow afternoon, I’m leaving for Chicago to meet my friend Cara and her friend Amy. After we pack the car, we’re heading to Iowa to stay at a friend’s house for the night. And then….we’re off into the unknown! Keep checking back over the next couple of weeks for pictures and stories about where we end up.

Over the next 3 weeks, I intend to:

  • Read
  • Spend as much time outdoors as is humanly possible
  • Get a great chaco tan
  • Go to the beach. Often.
  • Watch some sunsets. And sunrises, for that matter.
  • Write. My poor, neglected journal.
  • Run. In new places.
  • Eat cleanly, even when on the road.
  • Try new things. Meet new people. Ask questions. Learn their stories.

Tonight is deemed my getting ready to leave night. I need to get an oil change in the car. I need to clean out the fridge. And pack. And put the roof rack on the car so that my bike can come with me πŸ™‚

It’ll be a busy night. BUT! In 24 hours, I’m outta here!

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