Girl explores native habitat

Today, I went to Elkhart to pick up a tent that I bought off craigslist (fail). I decided to follow Garmin’s directions instead of going the way that I knew. Sometimes, this plan backfires on me. Actually, this plan often backfires on me, as I end up gaining 2 minutes of travel time (supposedly), but spend that 2 minutes, and so much more, stuck behind an Amish buggy or tractor because of the winding back roads that Garmin sends me on.

Today, however, my route took me through Nappanee, IN, which might be one of my new favorite places. I went straight to Elkhart, making note of the places that I wanted to stop on the way home. The first was this: I’m always a sucker for a farmers’ market. This was more of an upscale flea market/craft market than what I think of as a farmers market. Amish tourist trap 🙂 Looks adorable though, no?

Homemade breads, candies….

And so much more. Just an unpictured more.

After escaping without spending any money (go me!) I went back into Nappanee, and stopped at Main Street Coffee.

My new favorite. Definitely worth the half-hour drive.

Exposed brick, high ceilings, old, leather couches, big windows, natural lighting, tasty coffee. I’m such a sucker for a good coffee shop.

2 thoughts on “Girl explores native habitat

  1. Yup, yup, these are great places! I’ve only been to the Farmer’s Market once, but it was way fun. =) Molly and I have a tradition (okay, so we’ve done it twice now) of playing Candy Land at the Main Street Cafe in Nappanee. So fun.

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