Friday’s Find

And we’re back! Friday’s Find 🙂

Though this feature is definitely a favorite on my part, I recognize that if this becomes too much of a habit, not only will my checkbook be angry at me, but I will begin to acquire things that I don’t really need. As such, my life will become significantly more cluttered, which goes directly against the grain of simplicity and balance that I want to have in my life. On the flipside of that coin, it is quite fun to occasionally buy something new (to me) when a good deal presents itself.

That said, I bought these at a garage sale today:

Nine movies. $5.75. I defy you to say that I should have walked away from that bargain. For the cost of less than 2 blockbusters rentals, I now own 9 new movies.

I hearby declare tomorrow a fat, lazy day. I have my friend Beth to thank for the fat, lazy day concept. During a fat, lazy day, one takes the entire day to be free of obligations. It IS the obligation. During this day, all bets are off as to expectations upon your time; you may do what you want, when you want, and with whom you want. (Granted, this assumes that you don’t have children. Either that, or the children are at the grandparents for the weekend.)

Consider it a mental health day of relaxing and pampering. I intend to spend mine partially at the lake and partially curled up on my couch watching movies. New movies. Maybe I’ll make granola.

Have you ever taken a fat, lazy day? What did you do with yourself? What would your ideal fat, lazy day look like?

3 thoughts on “Friday’s Find

  1. Mom skipped work today and made me chauffeur her shopping trip (not to mention bought me some stuff, which is amazing considering she is not actually my mother). Then Jimmy Johns and margaritas! So, kind of a fat lazy day. Except we cleaned the house when we got home. But I did skip Jillian today.

  2. I love fat, lazy days. I can’t remember one for a while. But I’m also planning one tomorrow. Which involves sleeping in, eating pancake breakfast, going to the beach and actually reading more of Little Dorrit, which has been neglected for the better part of six weeks. My number one rule for this fat lazy day – NO TV!! TV is what I do when I’m too tired to think, so after MWF, my brain feels like its rotting (between too much thinking and America’s Got Talent, if I added one stiff drink I’m pretty sure that would be the end of my brain cells for the rest of my life).

    Of course… all of that assumes its what I want to do when I wake up tomorrow.

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