Our grand adventure

We work here:

Photo credit to Kevin, the MWF photographer 🙂

Our lovely office building has 3 floors above ground that are inhabitable. However, notice the turret windows above the 4th floor. Uncharted territory. And, obviously, more than a little intriguing. Lindsey asked how one would get up to the mysterious top floor.

We were told that you have to ride the elevator up to the fourth floor, and open the creepy door, and go up the creepy stairs, and go down the creepy hallway, and it’s really hot, and you have to walk over dead rats and pigeons and poop.

Our reaction? LET’S GO!

This building (a college dorm now) used to be an old hotel. This is what it looked like. It smelled amazing up there…just like an attic should smell–a bit musty and humid, old, like hardwood floors and mothballs. It’s comforting.

Turret view 🙂

Dead pigeon. Yum.

Creepy spray paint.

1931. Legit.

I really love old spaces. It’s fun to explore places that have a history and that are full of stories and mystery. What happened here? Who lived here? Who cried here? What were their struggles? What were their joys? What defined them? Where were they from? Where were they going?

It’s fun to speculate about the lives of people from different eras. If you could talk to them, what would you say? If you ever met them, what do you think you might have in common?

2 thoughts on “Our grand adventure

  1. I never think about that!! I just love thinking about time periods and what cities used to look like when they were in their prime. It’s crazy 🙂

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