Countdowns and Ice Cream

We’re 10 days from the end! Though I say that with a fair amount of excitement, I recognize that once this MasterWorks shindig is over, I’m going to miss it. I’m going to miss lunches with new people. I’m going to miss great concerts every weekend. I’m going to miss going out after said concerts. I’m going to miss sitting in the office, laughing hysterically through the latest conversation.

Yesterday, I went to a piano recital to hear Mussorgky’s “Pictures at an Exhibition.” I enjoyed it, as I always do. I got in some good journaling time, as well.

I realized (again) that I’m a countdown person. Reference the second word of this post. Countdown to the end of school, countdown to the start of vacation, countdown to my birthday, Christmas, event. Countdown to….. Really, I just like having running countdowns to anything that I want to end or that I can’t wait to have begin. The anticipation is nice. I firmly believe that the anticipation of something exciting is almost as great as the “something.”

On the other hand, how much of my life do I spend wishing away Today in favor of Tomorrow? What makes me think that Tomorrow, in the broad sense of the word, is going to be any better than Today? Of course, it’ll be different. But will it be better? Is the anticipation of it worth the sacrifice of today? Would I find more joy in Today if I stopped wishing it away for Tomorrow?

In other news, Emily and Madeline came to visit me yesterday. They brought me Kelainey’s ice cream for my birthday. Yum! I got birthday cake ice cream, like you do when it’s your birthday 🙂 We wandered around the island, and then went to the park to flop our wilting selves in the grass.

How far to the right can I turn my head? haha…. It was SO MUGGY yesterday. So. Muggy.

Thanks for coming, you guys! It was so good to see you, and I’m looking forward to the fun and adventures that will occur when we’re all in MI 🙂

EDIT: all photo credit goes to Madeline. I was lazy and didn’t take a single photo!

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