Firecracker 5K, 2010 Edition

What a crazy last few days. Phew!

Because the fourth of July lands on a Sunday this year, Winona Lake is holding of the festivities today, on the third of July. The kick-off was a 5k race. Since the start was less than half a mile from my house, I couldn’t say no to the local race (and yet another free tshirt 🙂

Another “Woo-hoo! We’re running a race!” photo. I like these bunches.

Makes me look like a giant 🙂

Milling at the start line…..and……GO!

It was an out and back course on the greenway (true confession: out and backs bore me. Even if it is a 5K, I just really don’t like out and backs).  At least it was a pretty out and back.

Running through the woods, frolicking through meadows. What a way to spend a Saturday morning.

Honestly, guys. This race didn’t go so well. And I’m kinda bummed about that. My time was about 3-4 minutes slower than I expected it to be. Post-half marathon, I’ve continued running, but it’s been lazy running. It’s been running a bit, but when I get the least bit tired, my brain shuts down and so I walk for a bit. When I feel better, I start running again, only to stop and walk again in a bit. I don’t have any endurance (mental or physical). “Train hard; racy easy.” I certainly haven’t been training hard, so this race was coming my way.

All that said, I think I’m going to revamp my triathlon aspirations for this year. Instead of jumping way out there to do an olympic tri (which, at this point, I would merely survive, not conquer), I’m going to find a sprint tri and train for consistency in the tri and speed in my shorter runs.

To console myself, I got a coffee and a blueberry scone from the bakery. I heart the bakery. They make whole wheat scones and muffins. And use real butter. And refuse to use HFCS. And the fact that I got a blueberry scone straight out of the oven makes it even better. Warm. Yummy. BLUEBERRIES. Happiness. How did you start off your holiday weekend? Are you celebrating today? Or tomorrow?

3 thoughts on “Firecracker 5K, 2010 Edition

  1. Sorry to hear your race didn’t go as well as you’d liked, but at least you went out and did it!! And the positive there is that it’s helping motivate you more now for your new training regime 🙂 Good luck and Happy 4th!!

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