Nothing like some good ole R&R

I left work at 5 pm yesterday. To most of you, that probably sounds normal. During MasterWorks, this coveted opportunity comes my way but once a week. It was beautiful. Really. It was.

I left work at 5 pm (I just wanted to say that again) and went to the library to pick up a couple of books. They didn’t have one that I wanted (Sarah’s Key), but they did have this:

It’s the July book in Real Simple’s No Obligation Book Club. So far, I’m kind of confused as there are several different story lines running, and it appears to be a non-linear plot. All this combined means that I just might love it!

I went to Goodwill and checked out their record supply. Get this: you can get records for a quarter each. For a grand total of $2.50, I got all of Beethoven’s symphonies, a few of his more popular piano sonatas, and Fiddler on the Roof. This is going to be so fun. I can’t wait to scrounge for records in thrift, vintage, and consignment stores all over the country (world!?)

I opted to eat birthday dinner leftovers instead of heading to the cafeteria. SO, I warmed up steak and corn. It was delicious.

Post-dinner, I watched a movie. I was a total girl and rented Dear John from the Redbox. It was quite good. Though, I have a high tolerance for chick flicks, so I might not be the best critic. Certainly not the most critical critic around.

The movie ended at 9, and I knew that if I fell asleep that early, I wouldn’t sleep well and would wake up at awkward hours. Not wanting to stare at a screen any longer, I put on shorts and a sweatshirt (sidenote: I love it when the weather is that perfect temperature in which you can wear shorts and a hoodie at the same time) and headed out for a walk on the island. I saw a beautiful sunset (as is quite common over the lake) and indulged in a journal session.

It was such a quiet, peaceful night of good food, relaxing, and mental processing. Exactly what I needed. It might be a couple weeks before I get another….

4 thoughts on “Nothing like some good ole R&R

  1. Sounds lovely! You better keep me updated about that record-hunting. Blog series? “Find of the week.” On another note, I can’t believe you liked Dear John. I would have liked it had it ended when John left. But it didn’t. It kept going and she married *both* of them?! I heard the book ends differently. *sigh* I won’t hold it against you though.

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