Retro awesome

On the inside, I’m a hippi/bohemian. I really do adore all things vintage and have a bit of a obsession with anything retro. Exhibit A: my car. I really do love him. He was christened Jan. Pronounced “yahn,” in honor of his German roots.

I had a boss in Jackson that called me a “dirty hippi.” Though I protested, it made me smile. That’s a true confession there, people folk.

Well, in honor of this awkward obsession, my parents gave me their record player. That they don’t use. It’s amazing.

I own very few records, but I intend to raid other people’s unused collections and haunt goodwills and thrift stores. And order Over the Rhine’s “Trumpet Child” album. Totally worth the money I’ll pay for it. The only record that I have right now in Indiana is Over the Rhine’s Christmas CD.

Christmas in July, anyone?

2 thoughts on “Retro awesome

  1. that’s a pretty sweet hobby to be picking up soon! I love that you named your car too haha!

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