I love birthdays. I just do. Any excuse for a celebration 🙂 There’s the cake and special birthday sweets (thanks Mom, Tante Lis, and Lindsey!) and the presents and the general feeling of being special and loved (thanks to all who called, texted, wrote on my FB wall, and stopped by the MW office!) All in all….an awesome day!

In addition to all the fun times, birthdays make me reflect on the past year. What’s happened. What hasn’t happened. Good times. Bad times. And, inevitably, I go through my folders of pictures. So hear you go, the high points of my 23rd year in recap:

I moved to Indiana (and had a rocking awesome roadtrip on the way!)

I ran my first half marathon:

I’ve reconnected with a great friend:

I went to the Bahamas with my fam for Christmas:

I killed a lobster:

I backpacked some of the AT through the Smokies with an amazing friend:

I ran another half marathon:

And made it through pre-week of my first MasterWorks Festival:

Here’s to another year of change, growth, and amazing adventures!

How do you like to celebrate your birthday?

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