Floods and tornados are trendy

Thankfully, all threats of tornadoes last night came to naught. But that’s getting ahead of myself. The afternoon was crazy muggy and hot. Not be thwarted, I took full advantage of my half an hour off pre-dinner and laid in the lawn in the shade. Happiness. After dinner, after yoga, and after an hour of sitting in the office, the tornado sirens went off, and we all rushed to the basement of our building. Thankfully, the basement is quite large, so it wasn’t a problem that 75 people were smooshed together. Enter a bunch of bored musicians with instruments at their disposal. The people in the big room started singing en masse. Note the violin 🙂

I stuck around for a little while, then headed down the hall to another room. Taking full advantage of the time and the access to a piano, one of the faculty cellists began coaching a high school student who’s playing in the concerto competition tonight.

Why waste time, right?

Guys, it was so good! That’s what I love about music. It’s not the private practice, it’s not the performance (though it can be fun); it’s the people. It’s the ability to bond and connect with people through art and sound. I can’t explain it. All I can say is that it’s awesome.

I digress. Leading to the basement of this building, there are ramps. Due to the pressure of the water building up in the ramps, it was shooting under the door and into the building. In order to get high enough to get into the building, the water had to be at least a foot deep. We’re talking lots of water here, people-folk.

Check it out…water. Gushing up under the door. My life felt threatened. Threatened! A tornado could wisk me away to Kansas. The flood could rise and I could drown. I’m too young to die!

Thankfully, I didn’t. And the night turned out great. We all went home. I made something tasty to drink. And slept like a baby.

And we all lived happily ever after.

2 thoughts on “Floods and tornados are trendy

  1. We had tornado warnings too! Only, we sent the little guys to the basement while the rest of us stood in the garage peering out into the lightning-filled sky to see if we could spot a funnel-cloud. 😉

    • Keep the young ones safe. Good plan. I couldn’t see it, because I was stuck in the basement. I heard that it was crazy to watch coming over the lake at us! Could have been fun 🙂

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