MasterWorkin’ it

There are bunches of fun times to be had here in the office. Lots of long hours (like I’ve said, and will continue to say), but also lots of really great people.

Here are the fruits of our secret mission, referenced a few days ago:

We’re adorable. But not quite as cute as the baby. True story.

This is how I felt 48 hours ago. “Please don’t document my existence!” Sadly, my hands didn’t make it to my face in time so I’m doing this killer record spinning thing or something…

And this is how I feel about lunchtime. Extreme euphoria.

Tonight’s my night off. I’m thrilled. It’s been since Friday that I had one of those. The downside is that everyone else is working, so they can’t hang out. On the agenda for the evening includes dinner in the caf, a trip to the library, a mini-practice session to pick out music for Sunday, emptying the dishwasher, and vegging in front of my computer to watch a couple of episodes of Friends. It should be a great night.

What do YOU like to do on a catch up night off?

5 thoughts on “MasterWorkin’ it

  1. I just found your blog and I love the title! (Blueberries are one of my most favorite things in life).
    I feel the same way about lunches!
    On my nights off I usually post photos on my blog and then hit the bed early and read. (I have an almost 2 yr old though so I don’t get too many of those haha!)

  2. It’s almost blueberry season here in northern Indiana…bring it! I adore blueberries as well.

    Yay for reading, I love a good book (especially when read in bed!)

  3. I would read. Ideally. But in reality, I’d probably blow the whole evening thinking about what to do with the whole night off. And there it would woosh by.;-)

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