It’s Friday, except…

…that I’m working tomorrow. That kind of takes the joy out of Friday. Not going to lie. BUT! It’ll be OK. Onward and upward, friends.

Lunch today was fabulous. Lots of fresh fruit. It needs to stay that way. Danger, danger, though. I found a slushie machine. Honestly, they have a slushie machine. And I’m a sucker for a strawberry or cherry slushie.

Here’s what we’ve been up to in the office, recently: More presents! Woohoo! And I know that it looks like I’m sitting on the floor reading a magazine.  That would be because I am sitting on the floor reading a magazine. The back story is that we’ve had an excessively difficult time with our internet hook up. So, I was sitting on the floor waiting for orders to plug various cords into the box. Why waste time just sitting there? Real Simple magazine? Yes please!

I’ve been getting up early these last few days so that I have time to get things done before I go to work in the morning. This makes me a happier person. Really, it does. This morning, I went on a run. I did my 2 mile figure-eight with four steep hills. I also did my dishes and a couple of loads of laundry, made breakfast, and finished a book. All before 9. Awesome.

Check back tomorrow for pictures of a top secret mission that I’m completing tonight. It should be a good time.

2 thoughts on “It’s Friday, except…

  1. Ugggh, I hate working on the weekends. Which is funny, because I work every day of the weekend from August-May. Thank you summer!!!!

    • Gotta love summer. Even though I’m working bunches, the weather is still great! And it stays light later. And running is more pleasant. And there’s the beach. Sigh….love summer!

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