Of family, fake cousins, and weddings

No sign of a computer cord yet. But, as it’s only just before 8, I can’t expect the mail to be here yet. Keep your fingers crossed with me! Currently, my computer is sitting on the coffee table with the cord taped down. If the computer moves even slightly, the cord bumps out of positions and stops working. Because my computer has a short battery life, this is bad news bears.

Back to the task at hand: my awesome weekend. I spent a majority of this weekend in Holland, MI. I went to see an aunt and uncle (hey guys!) and go to a friend’s wedding. It was a great weekend, filled with great food, great company, and fun times.

As though getting to see the aunt and uncle and their adorable kids wasn’t enough, a girl from Canada that I knew when I was younger was there as well. It was so fun to get to know her as an adult! A trip to Ontario might be somewhere in my future. One of my cousins dubbed her a “fake cousin.” Our families are so close, that we consider ourselves related. All the kids call everyone “Oom” and “Tante” (Dutch for aunt and uncle); we all had regular reunions. I have a bunch of fond memories of trips to Canada in the summers.

On Saturday, we all went geocaching.

Hope College! When we got back to the house, I inhaled a hamburger for lunch, threw my dress on and my hair up, slapped some makeup on my face, and ran out the door to get to the wedding. It was a beautiful day. The bride was gorgeous, the groom couldn’t stop smiling. As it should be.

Beautiful. The reception was a blast as well. Fun people, great good, lots of laughter. Thankfully, I wasn’t at a table full of strangers. This lovely girl showed up! I claimed her as my date for the evening 🙂

It was a wonderful last weekend before all of the craziness of MWF hits full force. People will start tumbling in this week. And then Sunday is the day they come en masse. Bring it!

2 thoughts on “Of family, fake cousins, and weddings

    • Geocaching is awesome! You need a GPS and a sense of adventure. There’s are websites that you can go to that give you coordinates for caches in the area you want to geocache in. Then, you plug those coordinates into your GPS and go hunting for the cache.

      The coordinates often come with a clue and the size of what you’re looking for. At the very least, a cache will contain a log for writing the date and your name (or nickname). Some of the larger ones (large being tupperware container sized) will have little trinkets that people have left. If you have something to leave in it’s place, you can swap and take something out of the cache.

      That’s the long story. It can be a really good time! Google it and try it out sometime!

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