Computer’s all better

Praise be. My new computer cord came today! I plugged it in over my lunch hour, and my precious little mac powered up like nobody’s business. Now, it’s working like a champ; fussing with the cord to keep it working is no longer necessary. Oh, happy day!

Tonight, a couple of girls from work and I did a yoga DVD. My body feels great now! Some of the poses are IMPOSSIBLE. Right now at least. That will change. We intend to stick with it for the next month, in order to maintain some semblance of sanity through the festival. I think it’ll be good.

Post yoga, I went grocery shopping. I always go two places: Aldi and Kroger. I pick up what I can find at Aldi (not much today) because it’s a bit cheaper, then hit up Kroger for the rest. All that I have been craving recently is chips and salsa. Naturally, I decided to give in. I found some blue corn chips at Aldi (for real, sometimes they have the greatest stuff!) and bought a jar of salsa. I should have just made my own. It’s lacking. Ah well. Maybe I’ll add to it next time, spruce it up a little bit. Regardless, a serving of salsa is equivalent to a serving of vegetables. So, that makes it awesome in my book. Gotta sneak in those veggie servings, or I can never get enough.

Have a cherry evening, all!

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