Getting back in the game

After half marathon, I felt a mix of “I can’t wait to go running” and “I never want to lace up my shoes again.” Knowing that the latter isn’t in my long-term best interest, I went running last night.

When I know that I need a workout, but don’t feel like a long, monotonous, plodding one, I make myself do a short, intense workout. From here on out, I’m going to do one a week. Last night I did hills. I did a little more than 2 miles with 4 steep uphills. It felt good to get the muscles moving again! I’ll probably alternate weeks doing hills one week and sprints at the track the next.

There is another half marathon in Fort Wayne at the end of September. I’m going to continue running and training (hopefully smarter), and I’m determined to be strong enough to run most of it, instead of walking so much.

Also, in the realm of cross training, there’s a lake here in town that’s set up for open water swims. Bring it!

OK, that’s all I have on that front. On a completely different note, congrats to my cousin Rebekah, who graduated this weekend!

How do you get back in the game (athletic or otherwise) after you complete a goal or milestone?

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