Sunburst Half Marathon Race Recap

Let me preface this post by saying that it really was a great race. It was so well organized. The course was pretty and varied. The weather was decent. And there was a Popsicle waiting for me at the finish line. All in all, an awesome race!

Friday night, we headed into town to go to the race expo. Packet pickup. Tshirts. Yes!

I trained and ran with one of my roommates, Lindsey. It was her first half. She’s awesome!

We woke up bright and early Saturday morning to get to the race on time. A friend from Winona Lake drove and ran the race too. We’re excited! Let’s do this!

I turned my camera in with my gear check bag, so I have no pictures of running. I’m not crazy enough to carry my camera with me, and our friends aren’t crazy enough to get up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday morning, drive an hour, and then stand by the side of the road for 3 more.

The race went well! Dave left us at the start. Lindsey and I ran together for the first 7 miles, then she ran ahead because she didn’t need the walking intervals in order to survive. (True confessions: it’s how I do long runs. I take periodic walking breaks. It works. And I’m a happier person for it). I walked more than I planned on having to the last 5 miles. But gang, let me tell you. Endurance sport of any kind is such a mental game. Really. I’d hazard to say that it’s more mental than physical. Maybe that’s an exaggeration. It’s true to a degree, though. You have to have such mental stamina in order to talk your body into continuing movement for so long. Even though the grass along the road looks so comfortable. And you could make that rock your pillow. And your legs are screaming at you. And your brain is fuzzy. And…

Before next half, that’s something that I am going to put forth conscious effort toward. On the other hand, this half was much better on that front than my last one was. I attribute this to my having a plan for hydrating and fueling. I think next time, in addition to that, I need to have a plan for walking intervals. A plan that will push me, but that is doable. Because this “run til you’re exhausted, and then walk/run short bursts until the end” isn’t cutting it. I’m stronger than that.

Anyway, we all finished! We were hanging out in the stadium of Notre Dame when the announcer said that storms were on their way. We grabbed one last cup of water and a Popsicle (huge fan of the Popsicles!) and cleared out to go pick up our gear bags.

Yes! We made it and we have medals to prove it!

As the race ended in a different location than it began, we had to wait outside in a line for the shuttle buses. Of course, while we’re waiting in line, it started raining. First, it was just a mist. Then a drizzle. Then full-on rainstorm. Awesome. As there were three of us, we took turns standing in line while the other two hung out under the overhang of the building. Despite our rocking awesome teamwork, we were all soaking wet by the time we got to the bus.

And cold. Freezing cold. Did I mention that? Lindsey claims that teeth chattering makes her smile. Sure. Apparently, I was the only one that was miserable, as Dave looks pretty happy as well. Maybe they had residual runner’s high going on…

Once again, it was a great race. I had a great time. And I’m already making summer plans to maintain my distance runs and maybe throw something new into the mix. I’m going to think on it for awhile before I commit to it, though πŸ™‚

On the way home we stopped for Chick-fil-a. Perfect.

Post shower, lunch, some episodes of Friends, and Art Fair perusal, my aunt, uncle, and cousin came up to Winona Lake to go out for Chinese. Yum! Of course, I left my leftovers on the table. Darn.

Three cheers for fun races and awesome Saturdays!

3 thoughts on “Sunburst Half Marathon Race Recap

  1. Congrats on finishing your half! I definitely agree that endurance sports are probably 60% mental and 40% physical. It’s amazing what you can talk yourself through. I hope your training goes well for the race in September!

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