Half Marathon Eve

Tomorrow, Lindsey, and I are running the Sunburst Half Marathon in South Bend. It should be a good time! It’s her first half, my second. I don’t have any time goals for this, I’d just like to finish strong and have fun. Hopefully, it won’t be too beastly hot.

My body was hating on me last night. Take it from me, kids, fuel your body with good things. Balanced and nutritious food. REAL food. Not just sugar. There was one point last night that I was really glad that I was sitting down. I got so faint that I would have involuntarily fallen down had I not been sitting already.  I’ve been pondering potential causes, and really think that it had everything to do with not eating well for the past week (especially the past two days) and then going on a fast, hot run last night. Post run, due to feeling nauseous, I didn’t eat dinner. Bad choices all the way around, people!

Your body can’t run (literally or figuratively) without food. REAL food. And processed sugar and flour aren’t real food. I know all this, so why am I always so surprised when the way I feel is directly related to what I’ve been eating?

I digress. Anyway. I’ve done much better today. Green monster for breakfast, apple for a snack, spaghetti for lunch. Dinner is TBA as we’ll probably go somewhere in town. Protein. Complex carbs. Here I come!

Immediately after work, we’re headed to South Bend for packet pick-up and the race expo. Not going to lie…one of my favorite parts about races! Check back tomorrow for a complete race recap!

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