And the pendulum swings

As you saw from the last post, I did a lot of baking. Most of it went to my dear friend Darcy. She lives on a sailboat because she’s cool like that. Due to the fact that she lives on aforementioned boat, she doesn’t have an oven and so, can’t bake. I’m more than willing to remedy that problem and bake enough for the both of us. This is all well and good, except for the fact that I left my portion sitting out on my counter. Mistake #1. It was all easily accessible.

Mistake #2: I consumed most of it in an extremely timely manner. Why is this a mistake? Well, aside from the obvious reasons of moderation, balance, and general healthy well-being, I’m running a half marathon in less than 48 hours. Great job, Rach! Now your system is full of sugary goodness, and you feel less than light and spry.

In an effort to counteract the last couple days of digestive system abuse, I made this for lunch:

  • 1/2 banana
  • big scoop of flax
  • 5 frozen strawberries
  • plain yogurt
  • handful of spinach

Yum yum. Try it sometime. They really are good. I promise. And, aside from some bitterness in proportion to the amount of spinach you use, you can’t taste the spinach.

For the next 48 hours especially, I’m going to try to eat extra clean and with the purpose of properly fueling my body for Saturday. So, I packaged up all the sweets and hid them away. I made a healthy lunch. And then went grocery shopping and stocked up on yummy fresh food, and some other miscellaneous stuff I needed. Fruit bowl, once again, stocked. Pineapple for dehydrating.

Crisper drawer in the fridge: stocked. I now have veggies and all of the wonderful fixings for things like flat wrap pizza, spaghetti, veggie fajitas, and stir fry. Happiness!

OK, well, you can’t really see it, but under the apples and the peppers, there are green beans, celery, carrots, and a block of cheese. Happiness.

Here’s to cleansing and fueling up before the race on Saturday. Bring it on!

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