Nothing like a sugar coma

Sometimes, I go on these baking kicks, in which a batch of cookies won’t cut it. It’s gotta be a batch or two of cookies, some bars, a loaf of bread,  another variety of cookie…you get the idea. Butter. Eggs. Sugar. Sigh.

When it’s all said and done (after I’ve licked spoons before I put them in the dishwasher, scraped out the vestiges of batter in the bottom of bowls, and snitched a couple of spoonfuls of cookie dough) I’m headed straight for Sugar Coma Land. It exists. I promise. Here are the goods:

If only baking were more healthy….Ah, well, it’s therapeutically healthy. Baking is good for the soul. I’m convinced.

Honestly. How can marshmallow fluff not translate into a feeling of complete satisfaction with the state of one’s existence. Just look at it.

It’s like you’re in 3rd grade again and just got home from school. Anyone?

milk+cookies=happiness. It’s been proven.

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