Memorial Day

Holidays are my favorite. Especially summer holidays. There’s the extra day tacked on to the weekend. The sunshine, the bonfires (3 this weekend!), the cookouts, the beach trips, the leisurely walks, the chats. It’s heaven.

It’s a s’more. I’d like to submit that you can’t eat a s’more properly without the expression of complete and utter ecstasy.

Yesterday, my mom’s side of the family congregated to celebrate the cousins that are graduating. I don’t use the word “congregate” loosely. For some reason, I’m always bowled over by how many of us there actually are. Despite the rain, it was great to see everyone. I just love living so close, so that I can do things like random family weekends, graduation parties, and family picnics! Congrats to the class of 2010!

CAKE! From the Bakery. The best.

So. Thus ends my 2 weeks (sort of) of vacation time. I only worked two days the week I went backpacking, then 3 days last week before the 3 day weekend. Because the work weeks were so short, and I had roadtrips to look forward to, the time flew by. Now, fasten your seat belts. The office is heading straight for MasterWorks mode. Things are going to get crazy! No more vacation time for this girl until August. Is this what it’s like to be a grown-up? Hmm…

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