There’s no place like home

I just love Michigan in the summertime. It’s beautiful. Having the parents in Cadillac means that I have my own little vacation getaway destination whenever I’d like it. Completely outfitted with a bed, a stocked fridge, a running trail, a coffee shop, and a boat. What more could a girl ask for? Thanks, parents!

Yesterday morning, I got up, went for a run, and then went to the Shay for breakfast. I just love the Shay. It’s decorated like an old train station. Exposed brick walls, ticket counter, murals on the wall. It’s great. And, they give you your coffee in a real coffee mug. A bottomless mug. Well, not really bottomless. Refillable. You get the idea.

Later, we took the boat out. The sisters and a sister’s friend went tubing. Then I went skiing. I just love skiing.

Just as I was getting a feel for the boat (new boat to us, haven’t been skiing for a couple of years, needed to get the skiing legs back…) and getting a bit more brave, the boat slowed to a stop and I sunk. Shoot. After taking advantage of the time to swim, we decided that our poor boat wasn’t going to resurrect. We flagged down another boat to tow us in. Boating outing cut short. Sadness.

It’s probably a good thing we came home early, or I’d have fried in the sun. Which, as we all know, is super attractive.

2 thoughts on “There’s no place like home

  1. Nothing nothing nothing is like Michigan in the summertime.:-) We went to Lake M. in Lake City today for the first time and just hung out on the beach for once instead of using our boat. I didn’t know you skiied! Have you ever tried wakeboarding?

    • Love Lake Missaukee. I’ve never tried wakeboarding, but would love to sometime. I LOVE to ski. I just love the water. And summer. And the sunshine. And Michigan. The end.

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