The Perfect Saturday

This may not be anything earth-shattering or ground-breaking. Scratch that. It’s not. I just LOVE weekends. Today was basically the perfect day, and it’s only 6 p.m.

I started off with some garage sale-ing this morning. I hit the jackpot and picked up these books (note the top book. I own a copy now!) and the rug underneath:

I also found these barstools. Finally, my new apartment is starting to feel like a place to live, instead of a vast, empty space.

In light of The Big Read, I made a trip to the library to pick up the first book: The Fellowship of the Ring, by JRR Tolkien. I’m excited about it!

I plan to tackle it over the week on the A.T. And probably tomorrow, after Lindsey and I tackle 12 miles. Yikes. I’m kinda scared. Between now and then, I intend to jedi mind-trick myself into thinking I’m excited 🙂

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