Project Clean out my Fridge

Faced with the realization that I’m leaving for a week in less than 5 days (yes!), I decided that I needed to clean out the fridge of all produce, lest I return to a nasty smelly kitchen! So, here it is: my quick reference, food consumption priority list:

It resides happily on the door of my freezer so that it is right at eye level. This way, when I’m tempted to go for the ice cream, I think to myself, “No Rachel, now is your opportunity to eat the carrots, or they’ll go bad, and then you’ll have to throw them out. And you know how much you hate throwing things out.” So, post sprint-interval workout, I had a snack of peanut butter, carrots, celery, and an apple, making a dent into two of the items on my List (and successfully avoiding the ice cream that’s still in the freezer). Go me.

After such a healthful snack, what does any health-conscious girl immediately go out and do? You got it. Margaritas and chips/salsa with the housemates. The quintessential way to end a Thursday, it’s true.

Happy Friday!

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