Happy, happy weekend!

I just love weekends. I love weekends exactly like this one; weekends in which you have very little to do, nowhere to be. And so, you are able to just BE.

Yesterday I took advantage of my backyard (I mean, the park) and enjoyed the sunshine, The Horse Whisperer,

and a Green Monster:

Last night, though I have no pictures to prove it, I went to see a friend north of Fort Wayne. We played volleyball, consumed the best lasanga and cheesecake ever, and talked. A lot. So good!

This morning, my running buddy copped out on me due to illness. True confessions: I am secretly thrilled that I don’t have to run 10 miles today. In lieu of the run, I spent my morning going to the farmers market, Aldis, and then a random garage sale on the way home. Farmer’s market purchase:

How does one cook rhubarb? I only have a pound of it, so it’s not enough to make a pie or tarts or anything. What would it do on oatmeal? In stirfry? I’ll have to research, and then will keep you posted.

One thought on “Happy, happy weekend!

  1. Yes, weekends are amazing and Friday was especially great! And I *do* have pictures of that particular event…which I plan to post as soon as this crazy week is over.

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