Plagiarized brilliance

I read. A lot. Books. Blogs. Articles. I’m not picky. Because I spend so much time immersed in the ideas of others, I fear that I don’t have many unique ideas of my own to express to the world. It seems that other, wiser, more trendy people have thought these ideas and expressed them first. I would have gotten around to original thought, given some time. I promise. But, alas, they’ve beaten me to the punch. As such, I’m relegated to passing on the brilliance of others, and obligated to credit them with their own ideas. Somehow, this system seems to have flaws.

Today, I read this article. Donald Miller, my most recent fountain of inspiration, writes about the most important question that one can asks oneself: What if?
What if I quit my job?
What if I moved to Siberia?
What if I tried brussel sprouts and actually liked them?

What if? A question that can torture you and send you into a life of constant wondering or a question that can rocket you out of the depths of despair and toward a life of greater adventure and intrigue? It’s up to us as humans equipped with free will, I suppose, to decide the answer to that question. I’d like to think it’s the latter. That, as I ask myself what if questions, as I dream about what my life could be, I’ll become more daring, I’ll try new things, and as a result, will learn more about myself in the process.

What if I took more pictures?
What if I were fluent in another language? Any language?
What if I were more willing to approach new people?
What if I practiced the piano for even just an hour a day?
What if I were able to travel for a living?
What if I learned how to rock climb? White water kayak?
What if….

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