Friends. Fellowship. And guys in bookstores.

Today, I went into Fort Wayne to see my friend Emily. So good! We drank coffee, wandered around Jefferson Point, and talked about life, relationships, and Donald Miller.

After she left I hung out in Barnes and Noble for awhile, relishing the feeling of city life. There, if you would believe it, I met the perfect man. I really did. He complimented my skirt, reads the Bible, keeps a journal, and approves of my Donald Miller obsession. The only hitch in the perfect beginning to this beautiful love story is that our interaction began and ended in a matter of 2 minutes. And then he was gone. I don’t know his name. It’s tragic, really. I should write a novel. It would be a best seller.

All in all, this was a great way to start the weekend. I have two more blissful days of nothing-ness! On the agenda to fill up the nothing-ness is setting up new bookshelf and unpacking books, a run, church, and some reading (Donald Miller, anyone?). Oh yeah…and I should balance my checkbook.


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3 thoughts on “Friends. Fellowship. And guys in bookstores.

  1. You scheming artist, you, you did start a blog! Two days ago! Ha. Well, I'm on to you now and will watch your future progress with considerable interest…;-)

  2. And when are we going to see your blog, Ms. Emily? P.S. part of the reason I did it: check out Thomas Nelson's book sneeze. Free books in exchange for a 200 word blog review!

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