Grace. It’s what life’s about.

I recently read a book and borrowed a concept from it in the naming of this blog—Sin Boldly: A Field Guide to Grace. Since the new year, I’ve been learning so much about grace, giving and receiving. The author of the book, Cathleen Falsani, says, “Grace has a way of sneaking up on you. When you least deserve it.” She also adds, “In the end, it’s about grace, something you don’t do. It just is.” True story. Grace is getting what I don’t deserve in exchange for something I didn’t have to do.

I see grace on several levels. First, there’s the huge saving work of salvation. Through grace, by faith, I’m saved from the eternal death I deserve. This one wasn’t a huge shock to me. It’s something that I know, that I believe, yet that I need to be reminded of. Second, there’s grace in every day life. This is especially what I’ve been noticing. Grace is an unexpected free hour in a jam-packed day. Grace is an encouraging phone call. Grace is someone making dinner for you. Grace is getting a tax refund when you planned on having to pay. Grace is a rehearsal with a patient teacher. Grace is a forgiven debt. Etc. Etc. This is a list that could continue for an eternity…Third, and the one that I struggle with the most, is giving grace to myself. Why is it that that’s so difficult? I continue to work on the fine art of cutting myself a break, and will probably do so for the rest of my life.

I hope that these lessons are ones that will continue throughout my life. It’s wonderful to see and acknowledge that there is a Force larger than myself working in my life in a very involved way.

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